Single Custom-Made Peptides

You are seek­ing for new or unknown amino acid sequences at high puri­ties? We can sup­port you with authen­tic cus­tom-made pep­tides at arbi­trary batch sizes and high puri­ties. Don’t waste your time and valu­able research and devel­op­ment resources. Request you tar­get pep­tide at mk2 Biotech­nolo­gies now!

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Peptide Arrays and Screenings

We can help you with the design of pep­tides and pep­tide arrays and pro­vide them to you or inves­ti­gate their effi­ca­cy in inter­nal screen­ings against var­i­ous patho­genes. We can chem­i­cal­ly and phys­i­cal­ly mod­i­fy your ref­er­ence amino acid sequence towards spe­cif­ic prop­er­ties and sup­port you R&D efforts. Please con­tact us if you have respec­tive demands.