Revolutionary scalable peptide synthesis technology

Revolutionary scalable peptide synthesis technology

The yet missing tool for the application of peptides in mass markets

Up until now, conventional technologies were unable to produce authentic and complex peptides at scales. Our technology eliminates the bottleneck and main cost driver of established production methods and additionally provides a continuously scalable process. Now, peptides with sufficient purity and authentic termini can be produced with high cost efficiency.

Radically simplified purification enables Scale-up

FPLC or similar purification methods are eliminated, overcoming the largest cost factor inhibiting scale-up:

– Novel fusion protein which allows purification via a simple & inexpensive process

– Universally applicable to a broad spectrum of peptides and proteins

– No chromatography steps required

Authentic termini & excellent purity

The newly designed recombinant synthesis process is capable of producing peptides with lifelike (authentic) sequences and an excellent purity of > 95%.


Improved recombinant expression yields long peptides

The recombinant synthesis process was advanced significantly and can now overcome the limitations of conventional chemical syntheses:

– 15-150+ amino acids

– No peptide artefacts or sequence errors during synthesis

– Correct synthesis independently of the peptide properties

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