mk2 Biotechnologies

We create sustainable solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

We are Deep Tech enthusiasts, who met as doctoral students at the TU Munich, where we invented our technology. Once we recognized the enormous need for peptides & proteins as bioactives in mass markets, our mission was clear – so we had no choice but to found our company in 2020.

Our mission is to enable peptides & proteins for mass applications by providing pathway solutions for the scalable production of chemically and biologically active substances. We are driven to create sustainable solutions for the challenges of tomorrow:
our novel active ingredients will enable significant advances to products combating widespread diseases, empower sustainable and affordable food production, animal breeding and crop cultivation, alongside allowing for novel personal-care formulations.



breakthrough biotech

We re-think technologies and enable progress with pioneering innovations



thinking outside the box

We are passionate to grow ideas and create cutting-edge technologies.



fueled by diversity

Our international team of experts is the key to our inventiveness and excellent quality of our results.



reliable and reputable

We enjoy our work in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere for our team, partners and customers.



Facing responsibility

We embrace the responsibility towards our customers, employees and partners by showing them appreciation and respect. We want to be leaders in equal rights, free speech as well as in a considerate utilization of all resources within our team, our partner network and ecological environment. Our business is a long-term commitment where profitability, concern for the environment and social commitment are in harmony.

The mk2 team


Dr. Konstantinos



Dr. Priya Gurumoorthy

Science & Innovation Manager

Dr. Kritan Gautam

Science & Innovation Manager

Highly Scalable

Science & Innovation Manager

Dr. Oliver Piech

Science & Innovation Manager

Top-level backing